SUNY Oneonta students travel to Korea to study peace

Five SUNY Oneonta students traveled to Seoul, South Korea over spring break for a short-term cultural immersion program called "The Philosophies of Peace," which let them explore philosophical, cultural, social, religious and historical aspects of various conceptions of, and issues surrounding, the notion of peace.

Accompanied by SUNY Oneonta philosophy adjunct professor Daniel Patrone, the students visited Confucian Temples to learn about Confucian philosophy and its enduring place in Korean culture. They met with monks at a Buddhist temple to learn about Buddhist thought, practice and temple life. And they examined issues in political and international justice as they visited the DMZ, where students toured the Demilitarized Zone; learned about the history and current political situation involving North and South Korean relationships and U.S. and Chinese involvement in these; and met and spoke with a North Korean defector about life in North Korea, his experiences defecting, and the prospects of a stable and lasting peace in the region.

Students were immersed in various aspects of Korean history and culture, visiting several palaces and museums, touring significant cultural sites in the city, and attending contemporary and traditional Korean dance and music performances.

In concert with the college's partnering institution there, students also visited Sungkyunkwan University to meet with students and faculty and attend philosophy classes with their Korean peers. In the evening, students from SKKU hosted SUNY students at a traditional Korean BBQ for a chance to learn more about each other and to develop new friendships.

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