Self Organizing Collectives Information Sought for Clearinghouse

The Staunton Parks and Recreation Department is seeking local SOC information for department brochure

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STAUNTON, VA (02/02/2012)(readMedia)-- The Staunton Parks and Recreation Department is compiling information regarding Self Organizing Collectives in the Staunton area. The department will serve as a clearinghouse for the compiled information, and in turn will publicize SOC group formation/purpose and meeting information in the form of a spreadsheet in the upcoming department brochure.

Many SOCs are in the process of group formation and need a platform to create awareness regarding their existence and purpose. As the world around us becomes more dynamic and complex many like-minded individuals look for ways to cooperate and solve problems on a local level. The SOCs provide a vehicle for creative problem-solving where many more people can be involved in the social process. The information sharing and group process enables individuals to cooperate with others to "bootstrap" a vital functional collective to work through expanding complex local issues .

Because of limited space within the brochure, we hope to list Group Name, Purpose, and Website URL or meeting place. Additionally we will post the SOC information on our Revolution website. This information will be more comprehensive about each group. We encourage the use of websites were aggregates of individuals can express their thoughts in a structured environment. We also offer our community centers as potential meeting places in the event the gathering is real world and not virtual.

Please send your SOC information to Jennifer Jones @ The deadline to include your currently formed groups information or interest meeting infomation for new groups will be Friday, February 24th.