Senior Peer Leader

The Senior Peer Leader is an elite position for the Peer Leader Program that provides opportunities for students to guide, educate, and support students in academic success at Austin Peay State University. Senior Peer Leaders not only have a section of APSU 1000 or PASS 0900 to support but also a team of Peer Leaders. They serve as a guide and support when they are facing challenges in their positions. Additionally, the Senior Peer Leaders hold regular office hours in the student success area to assist with program facilitation, marketing, and Peer Leader recruitment. Senior Peer Leaders have the opportunity to explore their own leadership potential, learn techniques about facilitating dialogue, and developing skills for mentoring both inside and outside of the classroom.

Senior Peer Leaders are chosen through a process of training and education by successfully completing at least one year as a Peer Leader. Candidates are interviewed and chosen based on leadership skills and abilities demonstrated throughout their time as a Peer Leader.

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