Statement from Peter E. Kauffmann, Communications Director for Governor David A. Paterson

ALBANY, NY (02/11/2010)(readMedia)-- "In 2008, Speaker Silver - along with Governor Spitzer and Senator Bruno - was one of the architects of the process by which a VLT operator would be selected by the State, a process that grants equal statutory authority, responsibility and accountability to the Speaker, the Temporary President of the Senate, and the Governor. Since then, the Speaker has been involved in the selection of two VLT operators, including his full endorsement of AEG last month.

"Governor Paterson has pledged to publicly release all documents germane to the selection process, including all submissions, bids and solicitations. They will be released by Tuesday. There is nothing to hide, and all of these documents were shared with the legislative leaders during the selection process.

"Governor Paterson welcomes the Speaker's request, and will ask the Inspector General to conduct an investigation expeditiously. The Lottery Division will comply fully with any investigation of the Inspector General, and Governor Paterson requests that the Speaker and the Legislature also pledge their full cooperation. As a co-equal partner in the selection process, and the only current statewide leader who authored the statute, Speaker Silver should provide the IG with full access and submit to the IG's jurisdiction."


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