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Staunton Parks and Recreation releases on-line brochure

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Spring Summer Brochure Cover 2012

STAUNTON, VA (03/21/2012)(readMedia)-- The Staunton Parks and Recreation Department releases the Spring and Summer 2012 Program Brochure on Friday, March 23, 2012. The interactive version of the brochure can be viewed on the award-winning "Revolution" website at or you can log on to to view a straight pdf version of the brochure on the City's website. The department will begin taking program registrations on Monday, March 26th at the administration offices in Montgomery Hall Park. The print version should be delivered via direct mail to all Staunton residences and Stars (current customers) by April 3rd.

What's new? The department brochure has a theme whether subtle or overt. For this brochure, we tapped into another of our unique selling propositions. The department staples of golf, horticulture and child care that are so often taken for granted are in the spotlight this time.

To accommodate for the incredible amount of information about the horticulture program, Gypsy Hill Golf Course, and long-time anchor programs in child care, a 32- page layout was in order. This 32- page document includes an illumination of key employees that are central to the spotlighted areas of golf, horticulture and child care. You can look forward to city horticulturist Matt Sensabaugh's horticulture "Mythbusters" as well as his article "7 Steps to Gardening on the Cheap". The brochure designers also spent time working with Wes Allred, the Golf Professional at Gypsy Hill Golf Course, packaging his green fee rates and course information including new Friday night family deals. Lavern Hart, the longest serving child care worker with 16 years under her belt, shares her story in this brochure. Located on page 09 of the brochure listed under the "community centers" section, is a new topic which lists local Self Organizing Collectives. Our community centers are being made available to these collectives for monthly meeting spaces. One of the coolest things in this brochure is a perforated page that can be saved with all of the extraordinarily popular Gypsy Hill Park summer Bandstand events scheduled for 2012. The Stonewall Brigade Band, Praise in the Park, Wednesday Night Bluegrass, Jazz in the Park and Family Night Flicks are all listed on this page. This perforated page is certainly refrigerator display worthy.

The brochure is produced by the Staunton Parks and Recreation Department as a whole, with the focus of the brochure spread between the park elements like horticulture and golf and the typical community recreation programs. This marketing piece is what all other aspects of the department marketing and web 2.0 leverage. The community programs contained within the brochure are staff estimations of trends, the department agenda of promoting healthy active living in Staunton, expressed community interests and is a reflection of Staunton's diverse community. Through this department brochure we encourage our community to get active, involved and stay healthy by offering outdoor places, facilities and affordable interesting programs that develop the whole person. Let's Make Staunton Great!

The brochure hard copies will be direct mailed to all Staunton residences. They can also be picked up Wednesday, March 28th at all area libraries, Staunton City Hall, Montgomery Hall Park, Gypsy Hill Park Pool, and most area coffee shops.

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