Staunton Parks & Recreation Announces Upcoming Programs & Athletics

STAUNTON, VA (09/17/2012)(readMedia)-- Below are upcoming offerings in the Fall/Winter 2012 Department Brochure from the City of Staunton's Parks and Recreation Department. The purpose of this bi-monthly press release is to spread the word about our various program, trip, athletic services and activities available to the community.


End of Life Planning: Get Your Ducks in a Row

These workshops will help you and your loved ones prepare the perfect exit strategy. No one likes to talk about the subject, but these are very important matters that can save families lots of time, money and extra work. Discuss options for preparing a will, organizing family memorabilia, burial/cremation preferences, distribution of belongings, financial planning and much more! Price includes 2 books: You Only Die Once and My Personal Planner, both by Margie Jenkins. Instructor: Mary Ann Stripling, 6:30pm-7:30pm, three Thursdays September 20, 27 & Oct 4 at Montgomery Hall Park Activity Room. Price: $43 Register by ASAP.

Turn On Your Dynamic Brain

Are laughter, play and creativity no longer part of your life? Do you feel over-stressed, uncoordinated or clumsy? Are you noticing difficulty focusing, concentrating or remembering? The dynamic brain is a three-dimensional model of our brain that gives greater understanding of obstacles to learning, creativity, performance and self-esteem. Learn how simple intentional movements support dynamic brain functioning and brain/body integration. For more information: Instructor: Don Wetsel, MA, LAc, NCTMB7pm-9pm, September 20 at Montgomery Hall Conference Room. Price: $12. Register by ASAP

Digital Camera 101: Digital Camera Basics

For beginners and intermediate photographers. This class will cover the basics of composure, shutter, aperture, ISO, white balance and exposure. Digital SLR highly recommended to take this class, point and shoot digital camera willwork but to gain full benefit SLR is recommended. Assignments and email feedback in between classes. Instructor: Cheyenne Crawford, MFA, cheyenne kody photography. 8am-10am, September 22, 29, October 6 & 20 at Nelson Street Teen Center. Price: $75 or $100 for 2 people. Register by: ASAP

Why Can't I Lose Weight?

Do the numbers on your scale continue to remain too high despite significant efforts to lose weight by reducing your food intake and/or exercising? Many of our beliefs about how to achieve weight loss are actually myths that confuse andthwart our efforts to lose weight. Lessons learned from exploring these myths will give you practical tools to change habits and behaviors that undermine your weight loss efforts and health goals. For more information visit: Instructors: Dr. Susanna B. Wetsel, DC, CCN, DACBN and Don Wetsel, MA, LAc, NCTMB.7pm-9pm, September 25 at Montgomery Hall Park Conference Room. Price: Free. Register by: ASAP

Hiking in the Shenandoah Valley

First hike will be Spy Rock, second will be Crabtree Falls and we'll end the series with thePriest. All of these hikes are not recommended for beginners and can be listed as strenuous at times. A recommended 'whatto bring list' can be picked up at Staunton Parks & Recreation. After each hike, we'll stop at Blue Mountain Brewery or Devil'sBackbone Brewery for a rewarding meal. (Hike price includes hike lead/instruction only, unless otherwise noted) Leader: Patrick Cory. Hike 1: SPY ROCK (some bouldering near the top)- 3.1 miles, Elevation Gain: 1,260ft. (1/2 day). September 29, Price: $20, Register by: ASAP. Hike 2: CRABTREE FALLS- October 20, Price: $20. Hike 3: THE PRIEST- November 3, Price: $34. Meet at Gypsy Hill Park Gym van transportation included inprice. Price for all 3 hikes: $50 (must register by September 21 if this option chosen)


Clogging is similar to tap dancing, with special taps that provide more percussive sound. This class willteach students the essentials of clogging, and by the end of the class, students will know a beginner clogging song. Participants should wear comfortable, flexible clothing; nothing too loose, and no jeans or long pants. Clogging is good exercise, and great fun!Please bring an inexpensive, comfortable, new, pair of plain white tennis-shoes, to the first class, that can have clogging taps added to them, to create clogging shoes. (These shoes will no longer be able to be used for every-dayuse, once the taps have been added.) Ages 8-11. Instructor: Brianna Hamilton. 4pm-5pm, six Mondays starting October 1 at Gypsy Hill Park Garden Center. Price: $19. Register by: ASAP

Who Speaks for God?

Did the Divine actually speak to us ... maybe, even, using Democratic or Republican rhetoric? Why is thevocabulary of some theologies peaceful and gracious, while others tend to be threateningand damning? What place do holy books have in editorializing the language and lexicon of who and what we worship? Is there gender within (and without) spiritual speech? Did a supernatural power dictate that we must be "exclusionary," keeping all but certain people out ... or "inclusionary," finding a place at the table for all? Or, perhaps, the Creative Force – the One we will refer to as "God" – hasn't stopped talking, but is still speaking and trying to tell us something (even) today? What might that be? Whether focused on the hereafter or more concerned, instead, with the here-and-now ... regardless of one's theologyand belief system ... there is much to be learned from the world's great religions about the things "most assuredly believedamong us" (Luke 1:1) as well as the "peculiar" practices or beliefs that tend to divide us. Ordained pastor and Mary Baldwin College Professor Bruce H. Joffe, Ph.D., will lead this two-session interactive discussion about the myriad voices seeking to be heard today-all in the name of God. 7pm-9pm, October 2 & 9 at Montgomery Hall Park Conference Room. Price: $19. Register by: ASAP

Fun Nite Art: Landmarks of Staunton

For a change of pace, come paint a picture in a fun and relaxed environment in the Park. Join us for a series to paint the Landmarks of Staunton. Perfect for people of all ages and stages! Even the most challenged will come away with a personalmasterpiece! Your fun art instructor will show you exactly how to create the artwork of the night by showing you exactly where to blob, swish or swoop to get just the right effect! In October we will feature the Gypsy Hill Park Bandstand. Fee includes all materials and instruction. Instructor: Tammy Hornek, owner of Fun Nite Art, LLC.6pm-8:30pm, first Thursdays in Oct, Nov* & Dec* at GHP Bandstand. Price: $35 per class. Register a week prior to each class


Co-ed Fall Volleyball #2

This league will begin in October and run approximately 8 weeks with a minimum of 10 games. League will be played on Sunday evenings at the Gypsy Hill Gym. Price: $100 per team. Register by: October 12

Co-ed Indoor Futsal League

This league is open to anyone 16+ years and up. Games will be 5 vs. 5 and will take place on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings in Gypsy Hill Park Gym. Rosters are limited to 10 players. Price: $225 per team. Register by: October 13

The Great Pumpkin Co-ed Softball Tournament

This tournament is open to any mixed softball team. Teams will play USSSA rules and all softballs must be .44 core 375 compression or less. Men hit 12" balls and women hit 11" balls. Rosters are limited to 20 players and each must have 5 women and 5 men on the field. Tournament date: October 20. Price: $150 per team. Register by: Octber 13