Staunton Parks and Recreation Releases New On-Line Program Brochure

Revolution site features new brochure with 103 classes, trips, leagues and programs.

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STAUNTON, VA (08/22/2012)(readMedia)-- The Staunton Parks and Recreation Department Announces the release of the new department program brochure. The brochure includes 103 classes, trips, leagues and special events taking place during the fall of 2012. New in this brochure is the "Urban and Rural Survival" program section, the "Empowering the Goddess Within" program section and new developments in the "Self Organizing Collective" section. The theme of this department brochure focuses around the hard working folks at Park Maintenance and some of the latest developments in our parks. Besides the new stuff, there is a spotlight on the history of Betsy Bell and Mary Gray Parks/Nature Area. The history is then enhanced by the department blog "The Method to our Madness" that offers much depth on the history and how the parks (Betsy Bell and Mary Gray) in Staunton came to be named.

The Staunton Parks and Recreation Department's Fall Brochure can now be viewed on the Revolution 2.0 website or by clicking this link!__fall2012.

Registration is now being taken by mail and in-person at the Irene Givens Administrative Building in Montgomery Hall Park. Credit Cards are now accepted in person and over the phone.

Hard Copies of the department brochure will be direct mailed to all Staunton Residences. Be on the look out for the cover that is a wrap around picture of Wilson Park overlook at night. The printer has delayed the delivery thus the brochure probably won't be in mailboxes until August 31st. The hard copies of the brochure will be available at all Staunton community centers, Irene Givens Administrative Building, the Staunton Public Library and various coffee shops in Staunton, Augusta County and Waynesboro on Friday, August 24th.

For more information please call the Staunton Parks and Recreation Department @ (540) 332-3945.