Staunton Parks and Recreation Releases "The History of Gypsy Hill Park" Brochure

Holographic Projection on cover of remarkable new brochure available on-line Monday, August 29th

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Holographic Projection of Tams

STAUNTON, VA (08/26/2011)(readMedia)-- The Staunton Parks and Recreation Department's new brochure is a game changer. The concept of a parks and recreation brochure that is "park heavy" versus "recreation heavy" is unique in it's own right but when you add the history of the area's oldest park - Gypsy Hill - it takes the idea of a parks and recreation department brochure into another realm. This 32 page document honors the history of the park and those individuals' life paths and visions that influenced the creation of this 214 acre regional play space.

The department brochure always has a theme whether subtle or overt. The department had been thinking about this Fall theme as soon as the last brochure landed in mailboxes and wondered how it could top the "urban survival, enviro- conscious, mature subject matter" brochure. That particular brochure was a game changer in it's own right with several organizations from around the state requesting information on how to create and produced a replica. In the world of parks and recreation the department brochure is the single best way to communicate the department's image and how they would like to be percieved by the community.

Since the last department brochure was program or what is called "recreation heavy", the department decided in the spirit of balance to make this Fall brochure "park heavy". Then the department thinking went to the single greatest "unique selling proposition" that our department has related to parks. For those unfamiliar with the term "unique selling proposition" these are the aspects of your product or service that are deemed better or what makes you different or stand out from your competition. In considering all the Staunton parks, Gypsy Hill is the oldest, established on May 7, 1889 by Councilman Captain William Purviance Tams (Although Montgomery Hall was built in 1820 it was not an official park until the mid-1900?s). For most visitors entering the gates of Gypsy Hill Park, it is like walking into a portal of days gone by or as one newcomer put it "old timey". Definately charming.

In this brochure, we recognize the importance of Tams, Father of Gypsy Hill Park, by honoring him with a holographic projection on the front cover. The only known photo of William Purviance Tams Sr., was uncovered in Virginia Military Institute's Archives. That 1873 photo was then projected from high above the current Lake Tams as a photograph was snapped of the youthful Tams of 1873 looking out from his current namesake lake in Gypsy Hill Park.

This new brochure will feature different historical aspects of Gypsy Hill Park from Peter Hanger's Hessian House to the Baldwin Fair Grounds to Hutchens Lake (the Duck Pond). Since the department receives numerous inquiries about the history of our parks we feel this brochure will be well received. The brochure will be available on-line on Monday, August 29th @ The hard copies will be direct mailed to all Staunton residences near Labor Day. They can also be picked up Friday, September 2 at all area libraries, Staunton City Hall, Montgomery Hall Park, Gypsy Hill Park Pool, and most area coffee shops.

For more information about the Fall brochure or Staunton Parks and Recreation marketing, contact Jennifer Jones @