Staunton Parks and Recreation to Unveil New Sign at Bridge Day

Getting Back to Our Roots at Woodrow Park

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Woodrow Park sign

STAUNTON, VA (04/11/2013)(readMedia)-- The Staunton Parks and Recreation Department will be in full participation mode at Staunton's Bridge Day on April 13th. The day that is dedicated to the city-wide effort to fund the restoration of a century old footbridge traversing train tracks and linking the Wharf and Downtown Business District to the park on Sears Hill, will be especially significant for the folks at Staunton Parks and Recreation. The Staunton Parks and Recreation Department will restore via a new sign- the park's old name.

While the Staunton Parks and Recreation Department were in the throes of researching the history of Staunton parks they uncovered via 1927 Staunton City Council minutes, the original name of the park on Sears Hill - Woodrow Park (see attached documentation). The Department decided to stick to its roots and take assumed name "Wilson Park" back to it's original intended name in 1927 - Woodrow Park.

P &R Department staff will not take away from the official Sears Hill Bridge dedication ceremony, but the sign will be in place for all to see.

Additionally, The Staunton Parks and Recreation Department will support the event by providing pony rides, face painting, "Rec Your Life" equipment and staff on different terraces of Woodrow Park. The horticulture staff have been working in Woodrow Park, Staunton's last great stand of oak trees, sprucing it up for the big event. Honey Bear, the Department mascot will be giving away free hugs on Saturday near the Woodrow Park overlook and free T-shirts to the first 50 huggers. Our Victorian- period costumed Stauntonians will lend to the regalia of the Century that birthed the Sears Hill Bridge. The Bridge is a true connecting of generations.

Recreation events will begin at 1pm following the noon bridge dedication and ribbon cutting.