Student Research Contributes to Essay in Crossing Borders-Appropriations and Collaborations

Professor of Art Veronique Plesch published an essay titled "On Appropriations," a revised version of the keynote address she delivered June 1, 2016, at the International Word and Image Conference: Crossing Borders-Appropriations and Collaborations (organized by the College of the Holy Cross, the Universite Paris-Diderot, and the Universite de Bourgogne, Dijon). The essay appears in a special issue of the bilingual journal Interfaces (38 [2016-2017]). As Plesch notes in her acknowledgments, this article greatly benefited from her seminar on The Visual Culture of Tattooing, in particular, the research conducted by Shauna Yuan '16 on Japanese tattooing and by Lily Steig '16 on Jews and tattoos. Some of the articles from the current issue of Interfaces are available for download, among which is hers, as well as one by John Tyson '04.

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