Students Recognized for Research and Creative Achievements

Twenty-eight students received a "Best in Show" award for their entries into the Student Research & Creative Achievement days this year. At the end of each semester, SUNY Delhi celebrates the research and creative activity from students and faculty. The 2018-2019 academic year saw over 150 entries for the two shows.

The winners were as follows:

Fall 2018:
Art: Melissa Lanner
Psychology: Jamez Midget
Sciences: Charlie Clark
Women's Studies: Meghan Brigham
Statistics: Alex Brown, Pat Byrne, Akin Acar, and Jaren Logan

Spring 2019:
Humanities: Ray Terry, Yeseria Zhingri, Kaymar Thomas, and Jeron Osei
Literature: Alasia Robertson, Karina Almodovar, Tariq King, and T. Richardson
Psychology: Natalie Herling
Criminal Justice: Perla Gomez
Honors: Heather Denonn
Anthropology: Aliyah McLean and Michael Williams
Architecture: Japheth Chambers
Statistics: Ariba Techeria, Jahdei Rodriquez Reid, Brian Nam, and Amanda Lefras
Biology: Gabrielle Hawkins-Corrian and Niaisia Torres

Professor of Biology Jack Tessier helped to organize the shows and says that research projects are important experiences for students because they give a glimpse of what professionals in the discipline do, require critical and high-level thinking, and provide a chance to practice presentation skills.

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