Supply Chain Management Micro-Credential

The Supply Chain Management Micro-Credential is comprised of four courses: Transportation and Distribution Management (BLM212), Operations and Production Management (BLM223), Intro to Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (BLM234) and Intro to Inventory and Warehouse Management (BLM245).

Topics covered in these four courses include:

Understand the competitive advantage the purchasing function can provide an organization.

Evaluate domestic versus international business practices (language barriers, cultural differences, laws, currency valuation, customs clearance, etc.).

Explain the strategic versus tactical functionality of purchasing to influence the organization; product flow, future trends, inventory control, warehousing, etc.

Calculate and evaluate inventory associated metrics (turnover, carrying costs, fill rates, stock out costs, etc.

Use decision making tools such as "Reorder Point Quantity" AND "Economic Order Quantity" to increase inventory and warehouse efficiencies.

Understand how to manage on-going warehouse operations issues (safety, ergonomics, staffing, security, etc.).

Analyze tradeoffs associated with mode and carrier selection; carrier operations, costs, shipment size, weight, handling characteristics, service levels, rules, regulations etc.

Manage the various attributes associated with providing timely, cost effective, and efficient transportation and distribution from the point of conversion to an intermediate party or end user.

Learn strategic concepts, and qualitative and quantitative tools used in managing the areas of production and operations; site location, forecasting, capacity planning, cycle time, quality, etc.

Develop critical thinking to understand the interactions between Operations and Production management to achieve core objectives; productivity, competitiveness, profitability, etc.

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