Team Solar Suck wins second place in The Citadel's Baker Business Bowl VII

An annual tradition with the Tommy and Victoria Baker School of Business has a new home on campus - Bastin Hall, the new headquarters for The Citadel's business school.

Now, from inside the new building, a new student-founded business is $10,000 closer to reality.

Extrusionaire - device that melts down 3D printed parts and scrap, and then reforms it back into filament to be reused by a 3D printer - won first place in the Baker Business Bowl VII.

3D printing creates a large amount of waste during production, and Extrusionaire provides a fully automated way to for waste or failed prints to be melted down and reformed into a spool of filament, which can be reused. The entire process takes about five hours to melt down, reform and spool plastic products into useable 3D-printing filament.

Team Solar Suck came in second place, earning $5,000 for their business. The company's goal is to create an effective dehumidifier that exclusively uses solar power to lower utility prices and promote clean energy; it can also be used in survival situations, such as in a lifeboat, in order to collect water from the air to drink.

Members of Team Solar Suck include:

Cade Bennett

Andrew Brabazon

Charles Marsh

Joshua Valencia

Jack Zappendorf

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