Top Dogs Vie for Ribbons at Iowa State Fair

DES MOINES, IA (09/12/2018) (readMedia)-- Stock dogs and masters gathered in Des Moines to compete in the Stock Dog Trials August 15 at the 2018 Iowa State Fair.

Titles were awarded in both Sheep and Cattle Divisions. In each competition, handlers work with their dogs to maneuver a small herd of animals through a series of hurdles and gates. The winners are determined by the fastest negotiation of the course.

Complete results follow:

Open Cattle

1) Niyole Kuzee, Lucas

2) Cecil Pettit, Salina, Kan.

3) Bob Johnson, Tingley

4) Bob Johnson, Tingley

5) Brule County, Platte, S.D.

6) Brule County, Platte, S.D.

7) Richard Hall, Massena

8) Richard Hall, Massena

9) Niyole Kuzee, Lucas

10) Nyle Sealine, Princeton, Mo.

11) Mary Bolton, Columbus Junction

12) Curtis Dukes, Kent

13) Jerry Davis, Murray

14) Joel Hollatz, Exline

15) Deborah Meier, Alden

16) Jeffrey Livingston, Shannon City

17) Curtis Dukes, Kent

18) Joel Hollatz, Exline

19) Jerry Davis, Murray

20) Nyle Sealine, Princeton, Mo.

Ranch Cattle

1) Wayne Bamber, Alden

2) Bob Johnson, Tingley

3) Bob Johnson, Tingley

4) Bobbi Craft, Salina, Kan.

5) Mark Triggs, Mount Ayr

6) Jeffrey Livingston, Shannon City

7) Niyole Kuzee, Lucas

8) Susan Rech-Burgoin, Silver City

9) Bruene Farms, Kelley

10) Richard Hall, Massena

11) Paul McClain, Promise City

12) Mary Bolton, Columbus Junction

13) Mark Triggs, Mount Ayr

14) Deborah Meier, Alden

15) Paul McClain, Promise City

16) Mike Davis, Murray

17) Deborah Meier, Alden

18) Wayne Bamber, Alden

Open Sheep

1) Niyole Kuzee, Lucas

2) Jerry Davis, Murray

3) Rachel Ritland, Radcliffe

4) Niyole Kuzee, Lucas

5) Jerry Davis, Murray

6) Nyle Sealine, Princeton, Mo.

7) Curtis Dukes, Kent

8) Curtis Dukes, Kent

9) Brule County, Platte, S.D.

10) Robert Fleming, Leon

11) Mary Bolton, Columbus Junction

12) Bob Johnson, Tingley

13) Jeffrey Livingston, Shannon City

14) Deborah Meier, Alden

15) Bob Johnson, Tingley

16) Nyle Sealine, Princeton, Mo.

17) Rachel Ritland, Radcliffe

18) Kari Carney, Norwalk

Ranch Sheep

1) Bob Johnson, Tingley

2) Deborah Meier, Alden

3) Barb Buchmayer, Purdin, Mo.

4) Cecil Pettit, Salina, Kan.

5) Wayne Bamber, Alden

6) Mary Bolton, Columbus Junction

7) Bob Johnson, Tingley

8) Bobbi Craft, Salina, Kan.

9) Wayne Bamber, Alden

10) Jeffrey Livingston, Shannon City

11) Darwin Baker, Council Bluffs

12) Darwin Baker, Council Bluffs

13) Cecil Pettit, Salina, Kan.

14) Mike Davis, Murray

15) Bruene Farms, Kelley

16) Kari Carney, Norwalk

17) Susan Rech-Burgoin, Silver City

18) Ruth Hermanson, Jewell

19) Richard Hall, Massena

20) Deborah Meier, Alden


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