U of M Crookston Senior Pratima Thapaliya, Kathmandu, Nepal, Stops at Nothing to Achieve her Dreams

University of Minnesota Crookston senior Pratima Thapaliya has found her home away from home. Far from Kathmandu, Nepal, Thapaliya shares that she misses the life she led back in Nepal but has come to find a whole new way of living in Crookston. It was not easy for Thapaliya to come to the United States; nonetheless, she persevered, endured, and found a way. To view these students click here: http://umcrookston.meritpages.com/achievements/U-of-M-Crookston-Senior-Pratima-Thapaliya-Kathmandu-Nepal-Stops-at-Nothing-to-Achieve-her-Dreams/65098