USC Aiken Research Published in Professional Journals

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AIKEN, SC (09/20/2018) Exercise and sports science professors and students at the University of South Carolina Aiken have been recognized for their work.

Archives of Physical Health and Sports Medicine published "Energy Expenditure for Aerobic Exercise on a Curved, Non-Motorized Treadmill Versus a Traditional Motorized Treadmill." This research was conducted by USC Aiken's Dr. Andrew Hatchett, Dr. Brian Parr and Kaitlyn Armstrong, in conjunction with Christie Brewer.

Additionally, Sports published "The Effect of a Curved Non-Motorized Treadmill on Running Gait Length, Imbalance and Stride Angle." USC Aiken professors Dr. Andrew Hatchett and Dr. Brian Parr and students Kaitlyn Armstrong, Mallory Crews and Charlie Tant conducted the associated research.

Currently, Hatchett is designing studies to:

  • Determine lower extremity muscle recruitment patterns in traditional motorized treadmill, arced non-motorized treadmill and real-world running gait patterns;
  • Determine the contribution to respiration nasal-only breathing has in cardiovascular exercise;
  • Determine the effect diaphragmatic breath train has on respiration;
  • Determine the effect group functional fitness has on symptoms associated with PTSD and those diagnosed with PTSD.

Parr's current research includes:

  • Identifying functional fitness deficits in obese individuals;
  • Effect of exercise and weight loss on functional fitness;
  • Effect of indoor and outdoor exercise on mood and depression.