USC Aiken Scholars Tapped for Magellan Program

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AIKEN, SC (12/14/2017) Several University of South Carolina Aiken undergraduate students have been chosen for the Magellan Scholars program.

"This was another great year of success for our students with the Magellan Scholar program," said Dr. Chad Leverette, director of sponsored research at USC Aiken and chair of the department of chemistry and physics.

"Of all our student proposals, 88 percent were funded this round."

Students selected for the Spring 2018 cohort include:

Christian Adams, Junior, Psychology Major

Mentor: Dr. Keri Weed, Department of Psychology

The Effects of Anxiety Reappraisal and Mindfulness on Perceived Anxiety and EDA, During Arithmetic Verification

Catherine Haley Cave, Senior, Chemistry Major

Mentor: Dr. Ken Roberts, Department of Chemistry and Physics

An LC/MS Assay for the Quantification of Analytes in the DAD-Catalyzed Reaction

Michaela Day, Senior, Biology Major

Mentor: Dr. Kristina Ramstad, Department of Biology and Geology

Nest Monitoring and Behavior Analysis of American Wood Storks via Trail Cameras

Heather Nall, Senior, Psychology Major

Mentors: Dr. Derek Zelmer and Dr. Michelle Vieyra, Department of Biology and Geology

Comparison of a prototype remote rat monitoring system with conventional video observations for drinking behavior in rats.

Kristin Anna Kay Norris, Senior, English Major

Mentors: Dr. Todd Hagstette and Dr. Bill Claxon, Department of English

Female Soldiers in the American Civil War: A Novel Approach

Elizabeth Platt, Junior, Music Education Major

Mentor: Dr. Richard Maltz, Department of Visual and Performing Arts

Create a Just Intonation Tuning System and Employ it in an Original Musical Composition

McHale Rich, Senior, Biology Major

Mentor: Dr. Virginia Shervette, Department of Biology and Geology

Determination of invasive lionfish species composition in the Western Atlantic waters of Florida

"The Magellan Scholar program is the highest award for undergraduate research in the USC system," said Leverette.

"USC Aiken students continue to shine as recipients of these awards."

The University of South Carolina created the Magellan Scholar program "to enrich the academic experience of our undergraduates through research opportunities in all disciplines from science, technology, and medicine, to theatre, music, and art," according to its website.

"By providing access to faculty mentoring relationships and a professional research experience, USC enables students to creatively explore their interests at a more in-depth level than can be attained in the classroom."

As Magellan Scholars, these students receive up to $3,000 to fund his or her research project. They will present their research during USC Aiken's Scholar Showcase and Columbia's Discovery Day. These events, held annually in the spring, give students from all disciplines the opportunity to showcase their undergraduate research efforts.