Victory Christian Church Responds to NYS Rifle Assoc. Opposition to Extension of Gun Buyback Program Funding

ALBANY, NY (02/16/2010)(readMedia)-- Pastor Charlie Muller, responding to Tom King's opposition to the extension of funding for the Gun Buy Back Program, says it is ludicrous that Tom King would oppose new funding for the Albany County Gun Buyback Program with no facts, no pictures, and no acknowledgement to the Albany Police Department's Stats that discharged weapons and violent crime has gone way down due to the program. Pastor Charlie wants to know what has Tom King done to fight gun violence in the inner-city.

The Albany Gun Buyback not only has shown results, but has recently received approval to allow inmates in Sullivan Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison, to run the first ever inmate-run gun buyback program. This program will be run by inmates and the money the collect will be used in Albany for Albany's Gun Buyback Program.