WKCTC PTA students share photos of fun and family during COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, physical therapist assistant (PTA) students at West Kentucky Community and Technical College had their "First-Ever Best Stay Safe at Home Activity/Photo Contest" in April 2020. Students sent in photos and shared what they are doing with their families while staying safe and healthy at home. PTA Program Coordinator Mary Jo Campbell said there were "lots of great pictures with kids and dogs and surprisingly a lot of other animals too!"

The PTA students who submitted photos were:

1st year students:
Jessi Brewer
Leah Kluemper
(Mary) Carson Dubrock
Allie Davis
Deane White
Randi Futrell
Courtney Burkeen

2nd year students:
Caitlin Shaffer
Emily Crawford
Walker Grubbs
Kate Moore
Kayla Baker
Andrea Favela

The winner was Jessi Brewer. This is what she said about her photo: "...helping my Grandpa who had a stroke last year get back on a horse! He was a three-time world champion barrel racer and wanted to get back in the saddle!" Jessi's prize was extra credit bonus points on her final exam and a "free homework pass". Great job to all the PTA students!

To view these students click here: https://westkentucky.meritpages.com/achievements/WKCTC-PTA-students-share-photos-of-fun-and-family-during-COVID-19/121164