WKCTC dental assisting student and UofL dental students work together for free children's dental clinic

On Friday, January 24, 2020, seven West Kentucky Community and Technical College dental assisting students and two, fourth year University of Louisvile dental students, with Paducah dentist Dr. Daniel Abell, participated in one of the children's dental clinics on the WKCTC campus each semester. WKCTC, UofL and the Purchase Area Health Education Center (AHEC) partner for the clinics once a month each semester to provide free dental care for kids. The kids who attend the clinic are scheduled through Missy Stokes, AHEC center director. WKCTC provides dental assistants and the facility and UofL students provide the dental work including restorative and preventive treatments. Dr. Abell (general dentist) supervised the January 24 clinic. Eleven children were treated at that clinic. All ten current WKCTC dental assisting and other local dentists participate in AHEC dental clinics for children throughout the semester. Way to go everyone!

To view these students click here: https://westkentucky.meritpages.com/achievements/WKCTC-dental-assisting-student-and-UofL-dental-students-work-together-for-free-children-s-dental-clinic/117526