Western Pleasure Horses Win Premiums in Iowa State Fair Horse Show

DES MOINES, IA (08/29/2017) (readMedia)-- Western pleasure riders from across the state competed in the Open Western Horse Show judged Saturday, August 12 at the 2017 Iowa State Fair.

Complete list of results:

Western Horsemanship -- Riders 18 & Under

1) JoAnn Nielsen, Winterset

2) Alexis Rutledge, Altoona

3) Ursula Leksell, Webster City

4) Crystal Decklever, Maxwell

5) Michala & Kelly Stull, Greenfield

6) Lanie Peterson, Saint Charles

7) Makenna Pidgeon, New London

Bareback Pleasure -- Riders All Ages

1) Alexis Rutledge, Altoona

2) Carson Shinn, Knoxville

3) JoAnn Nielsen, Winterset

4) Robin Sassman, Boone

5) Roger & Kim Strong, Delta

6) Kelsey Nelson, Manson

7) Sherri Sommers, Ackworth

8) Crystal Decklever, Maxwell

Western Pleasure -- Ladies 19 & Over

1) Wilson Buckskin Horses, Muscatine

2) SueAnn Reichert, Marengo

3) Wilson Buckskin Horses, Muscatine

4) Becky Grier, Kalona

5) Lori Van Ahn, Sac City

6) Brittany Abernathy, Indianola

7) Mackenzie Nelson, Manson

8) Krystal Nelson, Clare

Western Pleasure -- Men 19 & Over

1) Lori Van Ahn, Sac City

2) Conover Quarter Horses, Anthon

3) Brian McQuillen, Cascade

4) James Thorp, Marion

5) Conover Quarter Horses, Anthon

Registered Quarter Horse Western Pleasure

1) Conover Quarter Horses, Anthon

2) Lori Van Ahn, Sac City

3) Sophia Miller, Urbandale

4) Wilson Buckskin Horses, Muscatine

5) Mackenzie Nelson, Manson

6) SueAnn Reichert, Marengo

7) Wilson Buckskin Horses, Muscatine

8) Wilson Buckskin Horses, Muscatine

Western Pleasure -- Riders 13 & Under

1) Alexis Rutledge, Altoona

2) McKenzi Young, Earlham

3) Wilson Buckskin Horses, Muscatine

4) Elivia Papcun, Norwalk

5) Lanie Peterson, Saint Charles

6) Brittany Abernathy, Indianola

7) Kayla Jack, Victor

8) Kamryn Nourse, Dexter

Western Pleasure -- Riders 14-18

1) Carson Shinn, Knoxville

2) Sophia Miller, Urbandale

3) Michala & Kelly Stull, Greenfield

4) JoAnn Nielsen, Winterset

5) Kelsey Nelson, Manson

6) Ursula Leksell, Webster City

7) Jonnae Patterson, Norwalk

Walk-Trot Pleasure -- Riders 18 & Under

1) McKenzi Young, Earlham

2) Makenna Pidgeon, New London

3) Kelsey Nelson, Manson

4) Michala & Kelly Stull, Greenfield

5) Elivia Papcun, Norwalk

6) Brittany Abernathy, Indianola

7) Kamryn Nourse, Dexter

8) Lanie Peterson, Saint Charles

Walk-Trot Pleasure -- Riders 19 & Over

1) Lori Van Ahn, Sac City

2) Kelly Cox, Elk Point, S.D.

3) Conover Quarter Horses, Anthon

4) Wilson Buckskin Horses, Muscatine

5) Joni Spies, Hawkeye

6) Robin Sassman, Boone

7) Louise Convery, Greenfield

8) Becky Grier, Kalona


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