Wilkes University Communication Studies Major Shawn Carey of New Milford, Pa., Presents Research of Media Coverage of Natural Gas Extraction Industry in Zurich, Switzerland

Wilkes University senior communication studies major Shawn Carey of New Milford, Pa., and Jane Elmes-Crahall, Wilkes professor of communication studies, have completed research examining media coverage of the natural gas extraction industry in northeastern Pennsylvania. Carey, the son of Kenneth and Wendy Carey, and Elmes-Crahall conducted an external media audit of publications covering the industry. To view these students click here: http://wilkes.meritpages.com/achievements/Wilkes-University-Communication-Studies-Major-Shawn-Carey-of-New-Milford-Pa--Presents-Research-of-Media-Coverage-of-Natural-Gas-Extraction-Industry-in-Zurich-Switzerland/33033