174th Attack Wing Earns an "Excellent" Rating from Air Force Inspection Team

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An instructor pilot makes a point during a MQ-9 Reaper training mission flown from a ground-based cockpit located at Hancock Field Air National Guard Base, Syracuse, New York. (Tech Sgt. Ricky Best)

SYRACUSE, NY (11/15/2012)(readMedia)-- The New York Air National Guard's 174th Attack Wing was rated "excellent" by a 63-member inspection team from the United State State's Air Force Air Comba Command which visited Hancock Air National Guard Base October 19-24, 2012

The inspection team evaluated the wing's processes and documentation.

The five-tier rating system used by the Air Force for Command Inspections rates units as Outstanding, Excellent, Satisfactory, Marginal, and Unsatisfactory.

The inspection teams evaluated every aspect of how the 174th Attack Wing conducts its missions.

The wing operates MQ-9 Reaper remotely piloted aircraft from a command center at Hancock Field Air National Guard Base, trains MQ-9 pilots and maintainers, and provides trained Airmen to deploy overseas as part of Air Expeditionary Forces, as well as to respond to state missions here at home.

The wing recently provided 75 Airmen and a communications team as part of the New York National Guard response to Hurricane Sandy.

Compliance inspections are conducted to assess areas mandated by law as well as mission areas that are critical or important to the health and performance of an organization and to help standardize the way the Air Force conducts operations across the board, including active duty, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard. The inspection was based on Air Force Instructions, local, state, federal, and Department of Defense requirements.

"There was a tremendous sense of pride and focus evident throughout the 174th Attack Wing and many characteristics of exemplary teamwork," said Col. Douglas Miller, the head of the inspection team. "The entire (inspection team) was impressed by the pride and professionalism of the 174th."

Twelve program areas of the wing's operation were rated as evidencing superior performance. The Adirondack Range, run by the 174th Attack Wing at Fort Drum and which includes an air-to-ground bombing and gunnery range, was rated as outstanding.

Forty-seven individual members of the 174th Attack Wing were also recognized for personal performance as well.

"It's important to have teams to conduct these inspections and ensure we're complying with Air Force guidance," said Maj. Gen. Verle Johnston, New York Air National Guard Commander. "I've never seen anything close to this number of Superior Performers - 47 - very impressive. Given the transition to the new missions, an "Excellent" in the inspection is terrific. I'm proud, and the New York Air National Guard is proud."