2017-18 Cedar Crest College Crestiad Staff

Cedar Crest's national award-winning newspaper, The Crestiad is published by and in the interest of the students. Student staff members gather, report, write and edit news, features and sports articles. They are also responsible for layout, photography, advertising and circulation. The Crestiad not only reports campus news but also news from campuses across the nation through its membership with the National Student News Service.

2017-18 Cedar Crest College Crestiad Staff are: Editor-in-Chief, Front Page Editor, and Photo Editor - Juliana Wall; Managing Editor, Arts & Entertainment Editor, and Layout Editor - Miranda Alvarez; News Editor - Mallorie McIlwain; Opinions Editor - Jillian Shaffer; Life & Culture Editor and Social Media Editor - Tomeycia Diamond Scott; Web Editor - Michelle Chavez; Athletics Editor - Alyssa Knittel; Professional Advisor - Dannah Hartman; Academic Advisor - Peter Nagy; Staff Writers - Gina Balla, Khara Ekes, Adrian Mast, Morgan Wineland, and Madison Cannon; Staff Photographer - Maxine Erdman; Contributing Writers - Julia Brennan and Natalie Bennington.

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