2017-18 Cedar Crest College Student Government Association Executive Officers

The Student Government Association (SGA) represents the entire student body and all student activities through student body meetings, special committee meetings, Student Government meetings, and conferences with the President and the Deans of the College. There are seven executive positions and five resident and two commuter senators for each class, which are elected by the student body. The 35 positions have voting privileges in the Student Government Association. SGA meets regularly to discuss student activities and college policies, to initiate legislation, and to make and amend rules as applicable. The Association welcomes all suggestions related to campus life, and all interested students are encouraged to attend SGA meetings. Support for the student body enables SGA to secure the goals students wish to achieve. Through the Student Government Executive Board, SGA maintains close contact with the College administration and faculty. The SGA president regularly discusses plans and issues with administrators. Any questions or concerns about College rules and/or regulations can be addressed at SGA meetings or by contacting a member of the Executive Board. From new students through seniors, SGA asks students to get involved with activities of their interest. With support from the entire student population (including Lifelong Learning students, residents and commuters), SGA is the backbone of student endeavors at Cedar Crest College. 2017-18 Cedar Crest College Student Government Association Executive Officers are: President - Tomeycia Diamond Scott; Vice President - Morgan Maddock; Secretary - Aginetta Mulima; Treasurer - Kayla Smith; Public Relations Manager - Shannon Wolak; Chief of Staff - Jenny Garcia; Advisor - Candice Sierzega.

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