Activists Demand Sen. Schumer Protect Democracy

Common Cause New York, Empire State Indivisible, New York Progressive Action Network, No IDC, Strong for All Coalition, and True Blue NY release online petition with a list of demands as impeachment moves to the Senate

NEW YORK, NY (12/04/2019) (readMedia)-- Today as the House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearings begin, activist groups including Common Cause New York, Empire State Indivisible, New York Progressive Action Network, No IDC, Strong for All Coalition, and True Blue NY, released an online petition urging Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to make his commitment clear on impeachment and put democracy first.

View the petition here. Together, the groups reach tens of thousands of New Yorkers.

The groups are urging Schumer to state his commitment to:

  • An impeachment trial that will fully and fairly address all Articles of Impeachment, not only those pertaining to Ukraine.
  • Publicly commit to ensure that the Senate will adopt Impeachment Rules that are no less stringent than those in place for the Clinton impeachment trial.
  • Oppose any procedure which would allow any portion of the trial to be conducted in Executive Session or outside of the public record.
  • Immediately address the campaign fund-raising that smacks of jury-tampering

"Senate Minority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer must protect our democracy in full by pushing for a comprehensive accounting of all the President's misdeeds. He can not acquiesce to the President's enablers who will want to limit the Constitutional role of the Senate from holding power accountable. No one is above the law -- especially not the President," said Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY.

The House Judiciary Committee is currently beginning to hold hearings on Trump's impeachment. After all the investigations are completed, the Judiciary Committee will vote on whether there are sufficient grounds for impeachment. Then the House will debate and vote before the impeachment process begins in the Senate.

"Donald Trump's actions show he'll violate the constitution and break the laws to get more power for himself and his billionaire allies. Senator Schumer's inaction raises concerns that the Minority Leader isn't ready to use his power to fight back. It's time for our Senator to explain clearly, directly and forcefully how he'll fight Trump, McConnell and the racist right-wing Republicans during the impeachment trial -- and how New Yorkers and all Americans can join that fight," said Michael Kink, Executive Director of Strong Economy For All Coalition.

"Chuck Schumer needs to lace up his gloves and get in the ring. If he can't go toe to toe with Mitch McConnell, he should step aside and let someone who still has a little fire in their belly take over. Not just New Yorkers - all Americans are in desperate need of proactive leadership from the Senate Democrats, now more than ever," said Gus Christensen, Chief Strategist at No IDC NY.

"Trump is the most lawless and undemocratic American president in memory. If Senator Schumer wants to become an effective and principled Senate Majority Leader, he needs to demonstrate that he takes his oath to defend and protect the Constitution seriously and, win or lose, will do everything in is power at this critical moment in our nation's history to lead the impeachment effort in the Senate. If, instead, he only goes through the motions, then he will forfeit in the eyes of many, any legitimate claim to Senate leadership," said George Albro, Downstate Co-Chair at New York Progressive Action Network (NYPAN).

"From day one of the Trump presidency, we have been calling on Senator Schumer to step up and lead his caucus in the fight to protect our democracy from the corrupt and cynical agenda this administration has pushed forward. Scandal after scandal, Trump has made a mockery of our constitution and after countless hours of advocacy, the democratic majority in the House is finally doing their job to hold the President to account. But with articles of impeachment clearly on the horizon, all eyes are once again on Senator Schumer. We urge the Senator to use his leadership powers to fight for a fair and full impeachment trial in the Senate. There is no reason to believe the republican led Senate will do the right thing without the fullest of political pressure. Senator Schumer has the winds of grassroots engagement at his back. We need him to wield it," said Ricky Silver, Co-lead Organizer of Empire State Indivisible.

"As New Yorkers, we know our state has long been a hotbed of Trump family criminality. From inconsistencies in his property tax filings (possible fraud), improperly using his charity to intervene in the 2016 election, dodging taxes on his father's multi-million dollar estate, to possibly illegally inflating his assets for insurance purposes, it's hard to even remember all of the ways Trump has broken the law in our state," said True Blue NY. "Now that Trump is finally being impeached, the nation depends on our Senator Chuck Schumer. He must be unwavering and fearless in his role as Senate Minority Leader to ensure a fair and transparent impeachment trial that includes ALL of Trump's impeachable criminality, not just his misdeeds on Ukraine.As the senior Senator from New York State, Chuck Schumer, who represents almost 20 million people, must act with boldness, integrity and strength on our behalf. Please join us in demanding that Senator Schumer stand up for our Constitution."