Advocates to Demand AM Glick Fight for NY HEAT Act!

Assemblymember defended leaving NY HEAT out of state budget, claiming it should be passed in session - now we need her to fight for it! Group will rally outside Assemblymember's office to demand she prioritize bill to save NYers on their energy bills, curb future rate hikes, and fight climate change

NEW YORK, NY (05/06/2024) (readMedia)-- TODAY, advocates, community members, and NYC residents will rally outside the office of Assemblymember Deborah Glick to demand she fight to pass the NY HEAT Act (A4592-B / S2016-B) this session. Assemblymember Glick, the chair of the Assembly's Environmental Conservation Committee, said the NY HEAT Act should be passed separately from the state's budget passed last month. Now we need her to honor her commitment to climate and prioritize the bill during this year's session!

The NY HEAT Act will save families from rising energy costs by limiting household utility bills to 6% of a family's income. The bill will also kickstart New York's transition from the outdated, expensive fracked gas system accelerating the effects of climate change.

The Senate passed the full bill twice, and a majority of Assemblymembers currently support the bill, but Speaker Heastie and Governor Hochul are NOT doing enough to get this done. Cosponsoring the bill is not enough. We need lawmakers to fight for New Yorkers and pressure Albany leadership to get the NY HEAT Act passed before the end of the session!

This event will be livestreamed.

When: Monday, May 6 at 12:00pm

Where: NYC Office of Assemblymember Glick, 853 Broadway, New York, NY 10003 US

Who: Renewable Heat Now, Food & Water Watch, New Yorkers for Clean Power, Sane Energy, Fridays for Future NYC and others

What: Environmental advocates, community members and residents will rally outside AM Glick's office to demand she fight for the NY HEAT Act, which will save NYers on their monthly utility bills and fight climate change already impacting families statewide