Binkley Chosen as Player of the Week for Central Penn College

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Kelly Binkley is selected as the Player of the Week for the Central Penn College Lady Knights basketball team.

SUMMERDALE, PA (02/02/2012)(readMedia)-- Kelly Binkley has a determined attitude, which is a contributing factor in her selection as this week's Player of the Week for Central Penn College's Lady Knights basketball team.

At a time when gas prices are soaring and the weather is unpredictable, Binkley continues to drive 45 minutes from her home in Manheim, Pa. to attend classes at Central Penn College. Fortunately, she is enrolled in her last cluster of classes at the college. Binkley's determination seems to be all that she needs to achieve her goals of graduating college and supporting her Lady Knights team members on and off of the court.

Binkley is a business administration major, who managed to multi-task her way to a 3.66 overall grade point average last semester. While Binkley does work very hard, she did not anticipate such excellent grades at the end of the term.

"I was very happy when I saw my GPA," says Binkley.

The 5'10" extrovert admits that she can retain consistency by being aware of the advantage that her size gives her over her opponents on the court. She is making an effort to work on her confidence during games so that she can keep up the momentum. However, she is also cognizant that she needs to enjoy the game. After all, before she joined the Lady Knights basketball team, she had not played basketball since high school and missed the sport.

Binkley hopes to be remembered as someone that always did her best, no matter what. During her time at Central Penn, Binkley has managed to put her best foot forward time and time again.

By LaTanya S. Gilbert, Student Reporter