Brianna Piecyk Receives a Linnaean Award From Gettysburg College

GETTYSBURG, PA (11/01/2010)(readMedia)--  Brianna Piecyk, a Gettysburg College senior from Newfield, NJ, has been awarded a 2010 Linnaean Award. Winners are chosen by peers based on the recipients' efforts to improve the campus community, excellence in academic endeavors, and overall achievements during their college careers.

Piecyk is majoring in Spanish linguistics. On campus, she serves as a student facilitator in the Education Department, class representative in the Bullet Marching Band, organizer of Take the Walk, and a resident coordinator. She is also a member of the World Music Ensemble, Upscale, and Peace Club. Her service activities include leading groups at Gettysburg GIV Day and Argentina Caita.