Cazenovia College Art Gallery to Show Student Work

The Cazenovia College Art Gallery in Reisman Hall will host exhibitions of work by Bachelor of Fine Arts degree candidates from the Division of Art & Design. The gallery hosts two exhibition groups, the first April 15 through 19, and the second, April 21 through 25. Installments feature BFA thesis exhibitions by senior students from the Studio Art and Photography programs. These exhibitions include photography, photographic installation, sound installation, sculpture, painting and printmaking.

Students exhibiting their work are:

Group 1
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Lillian Collignon
Lily Demyen
Rachel McAndrew
Jessica Monaghan
Alivia Vandaalen
Jesse Whitney

Group 2
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Lily Chaires
Jess Kane
Noel Evelyn Madden
Emily Rees
Gina Neri

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