Cedar Crest College Art Society 2017-18 Officers

The Cedar Crest College Art Society is open to any student with an interest in art. Its purpose is to increase general awareness and appreciation of art issues, activities, and work on campus and in the community. The Society gives students opportunities to learn about fields and professions in art by sponsoring guest lecturers and hosting trips to local galleries and museums. It also coordinates the end-of-semester Studio Celebration, a collection of student work, hosts arts-and-craft days throughout the semester, and offers creative activities at campus events!

Cedar Crest Art Society officers for 2017-18 are: President - Anna Wiesike; Vide President - Haley Smith; Secretary - Kaelee Venditti; Treasurer - Claire Little; Advisor - Jill Odegaard.

To view these students click here: http://cedarcrest.meritpages.com/achievements/Cedar-Crest-College-Art-Society-2017-18-Officers/82286