Common Cause/NY Applauds NYS Legislature's Vote to Repeal Dangerous Calls for a Constitutional Convention

NEW YORK, NY (03/20/2024) (readMedia)-- Today, the New York State Assembly overwhelmingly passed a resolution introduced by Assembly Member Zebrowski and Senator Krueger that would repeal prior applications that counted New York in for an Article V federal constitutional convention to rip open the US constitution. The Assembly, recognizing the impending threat of a federal constitutional convention – which would open the constitution to well funded right wing extremists – swiftly passed the resolution. The New York State Senate already passed it.

In response, Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY issued the following statement:

"Common Cause/NY applauds the Assembly and the Senate for passing the resolution that will repeal an old and dangerous call for a federal constitutional convention. Any potential federal convention is an invitation for chaos. Extremists want to hold a constitutional convention because they want to curtail the federal government and roll back civil, labor, reproductive, and educational rights. Today, New York, along with many other states, took an important step in protecting the rights enshrined in our federal constitution."

By counting old "general calls" for Article V conventions still on the books in states like New York, pro-convention extremists believe that they can reach the threshold of 34 states (they already have 28) to hold the convention. A resolution introduced by Senator Krueger and Assembly Member Zebrowski will remove New York's aged calls and count NY out as one of the states calling for a convention. New Mexico, Maryland, Nevada, Delaware, Illinois and New Jersey have already passed similar resolutions. Common Cause also released a background memo on the topic, U.S. Constitution Threatened as Article V Convention Movement Nears Success.