Common Cause/NY Calls for NYC Council to Expel King

NEW YORK, NY (10/24/2019) (readMedia)-- On Monday the NYC Council will vote on disciplinary action to suspend, fine, and strip Councilman Andy King of all commitee assignments, as well as appoint a permanent monitor to supervise him. The Commitee for Standards and Ethics has issued a 48 page report detailing a range of abuses by King, including potential misuse of public funds, which has been referred to law enforcement. In response, Common Cause/NY Executive Director, Susan Lerner, issued the following statement:

"According to the NYC Council's own Committee on Standards and Ethics Councilman King is so unfit for office, he needs a permanent monitor for the duration of this time in office because his colleagues don't trust him not to steal from the tax payers or abuse his staff. Public service is a privilege and if you can't perform it without a publicly funded babysitter, then you shouldn't be in office. The Council should expel King and allow his constituents an opportunity to pick someone better to represent their interests now, rather than making them wait another two years."