Common Cause/NY Congratulates DeRosa, Calls on her to Disclose Conflicts

NEW YORK, NY (04/18/2017) (readMedia)-- In response to news reports about the recent selection of Melissa DeRosa to serve as the Secretary to the Governor, Common Cause/NY released the following statement:

"Common Cause/NY congratulates Melissa DeRosa on her promotion to Secretary to the Governor; she is clearly well qualified for the job. However, given the 45th President's unprecedented conflicts of interest, Americans are increasingly aware of ethical requirements for elected and appointed officials. The DeRosa family's extensive business interests before the state raise serious questions. As such, a person in Ms. DeRosa's very sensitive position has a heightened responsibility to avoid even the appearance of a conflict by disclosing a list of:

a) the specific entities and issues she will avoid contact with, which should include ALL clients of her father's firm, not just those who have retained him personally, and

b) all relevant meetings she has, and will recuse herself from

Ms. DeRosa should also establish and disclose the process for which she will appoint a substitute to handle those entities and issues.

For example: New Yorkers need to know her role in the ride hailing expansion, any meetings she avoided/attended, and those who attended in her stead. She should also disclose whether any changes in the equity valuation of Uber would personally benefit her husband and their joint assets.

Lastly she must seek an advisory opinion from JCOPE and disclose it publicly."