Common Cause/NY Mid-Day Election Recap: Democracy Doesn't Pause

NEW YORK, NY (06/23/2020) (readMedia)-- Today is Primary Day in New York State. Common Cause/NY is fielding complaints from the 866-OUR-VOTE voter protection hotline and our nonpartisan poll monitors are assisting voters both on the ground and online. In total, we've received just under 100 reports.

What we've heard generally:

  • The majority of poll workers are wearing PPE and adhering to social distancing guidelines.
  • Some poll sites in Manhattan, Queens and Central Brooklyn opened late.
  • Some voters received incomplete ballots. Elections for the presidential and state primaries are on two separate ballots.
  • Spotty wifi at poll sites.

"These are unprecedented times, but democracy does not pause. The Board of Elections has done a credible job meeting the overwhelming demand for absentee ballots and increasing poll sites for early voting. Although a small but significant percentage of voters did not receive an absentee ballot, the vast majority of those who requested one did, and nearly 100,000 people voted early and safely in-person. However, that does not excuse the outstanding issues we've seen today, which is why we'll be following up aggressively to resolve them before the fall. Common Cause/NY is committed to making sure that the state hit hardest in the nation by the coronavirus has a full say in the presidential election this November," said Suasn Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY.

General advice/reminders

  • Report any trouble to our nonpartisan hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE
  • Check your registration. You must be registered in a political party to vote in that party's primary. Voters were able to request an absentee ballot even if their registered party did not have a primary.
  • Check to see what's on your ballot before you go to make sure you receive the ballot you're entitled to:
    • In NYC:
    • Outside NYC:

In-person voting reminders

  • Polls are open until 9 pm! Check your poll site before you head out as some have changed.
    • In NYC:
    • Outside NYC:
  • Wear a mask or one should be provided for you!
  • There is no voter ID law in NYS, you do not need to bring an ID to vote.
  • If you arrive at your poll site, and you are not on the rolls, cast an affidavit ballot. Your vote mayl count and you will be automatically added to the rolls.

Absentee voting

  • Any voter can drop off their absentee ballot at their election day poll site. There is a special envelope where the poll workers will place the ballots.
  • Want to mail it? Head to your post office to make sure it's postmarked with today's date!
  • Post office closed? See above.
  • Don't forget to sign and date the absentee ballot envelope.