Common Cause/NY Responds to Final Congressional and Senate Maps

NEW YORK, NY (05/21/2022) (readMedia)-- In response to Special Master Cervas final Congressional and Senate maps, Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY put out the following statement:

"The final Congressional and Senate maps drawn by Special Master Cervas are improved. It's clear he listened to the extensive comments sent to the court, including ours and those of the Unity Maps, as the maps now reflect a deeper understanding of minority and other communities' interests. Ultimately, as he indicates, he valued compactness above all else," said Susan Lerner, executive director of Common Cause/NY. "But we should have never been in this situation to begin with. The entire process - set in motion by Andrew Cuomo and Senate Republicans in 2012 with this so-called Independent Redistricting Commission - was always designed to fail voters. Common Cause/NY has long maintained that people, not politicians, should decide what the maps look like. If New York lawmakers want to make sure this chaos never happens again, they must advance an amendment that enshrines a citizen-led redistricting process - based on the gold standard in California, Michigan, Syracuse and elsewhere - into the constitution now. New Yorkers deserve a thoughtful, transparent and inclusive redistricting process run by citizens that reflects all New Yorkers' input and lived experiences – not this mess."