Common Cause/NY Slams Ron Lauder's Anti-Democratic Assault on Voting Rights

NEW YORK, NY (01/03/2022) (readMedia)-- Today, in response to news that Ron Lauder started a super PAC attacking voting by mail in New York, Susan Lerner, executive director of Common Cause/NY put out the following statement:

"Ahead of the one year anniversary of the January 6th assault on our democracy, Governor Hochul is leading the way on voting rights. She understands that millions of New Yorkers – particularly older voters, working parents, and immuno-compromised people – have benefited tremendously from the option to vote by mail throughout the pandemic, resulting in safe and secure elections with record turn-out. With cases of COVID-19 steadily increasing, anti-democratic forces led by Ron Lauder are again threatening to undercut that safety by denying New Yorkers a proven voting method, no fault absentee voting, enjoyed by voters in 34 other states.Common Cause/NY is proud to support Governor Hochul's pro-democracy and pro-public health agenda."