Common CauseNY: Rep.-Elect George Santos Should Resign

NEW YORK, NY (12/19/2022) (readMedia)-- In response to breaking news that Rep.-Elect George Santos fabricated much of his past, Susan Lerner, executive director of Common Cause/NY issued the following statement:

"Mr. Santos' breathtaking scope of lies has left his would-be constituents -- and all New Yorkers -- gasping for air. U.S. House of Representatives should not seat him until these serious allegations are investigated. In addition to investigation by the Office of Congressional Ethics, the New York State Attorney General and the United States Attorney for the Eastern District must immediately prioritize reviewing the litany of deceptions and possible criminal violations laid out by the New York Times. The voters have been defrauded, and Mr. Santos' seat in Congress is tantamount to an ill gotten gain: he should not be allowed to profit from the fruits of his deception. If he had any integrity at all he would resign."