Decaf Stands out in Boston Coffee Roaster's Lineup

Kahve Koffee's Decaf Danish a Top Choice when Searching for Gourmet Taste without the Buzz

BOSTON, MASS (06/17/2010)(readMedia)-- In their hometown of Boston, Massachusetts, gourmet coffee roasters Kahve Koffee have a strong presence. Brewed in many of the city's premium cafés and served after dinner at local Zagat rated restaurants, their coffee has received high acclaim from everyday coffee drinkers to celebrity chefs. Known for rich and bold flavors, Kahve has since branched out to provide gourmet coffee lovers worldwide with a variety of light, medium, and dark roasts including their signature blends, espresso, and single origin coffees. However, one of their proudest achievements is in a category often overlooked-decaf.

Kahve aims to offer the best decaf coffee possible for the gourmet coffee drinker. Their decaf selection is impressive, ranging from traditional blends to single origin, and they seek out the same high quality coffee beans for their decaf as they do for their regular coffee. The most popular of their decaf coffees is the Decaf Danish, a blend Kahve is particularly proud of. Their take on this classic blend maintains its traditional style through a dynamic four bean combination of 25% French Roast harmonized with lighter beans for a great balance of medium to dark. There is no loss in taste or texture through decaffeination, resulting in a cup that is always full-bodied and rich.

"Exceptional flavor and texture is what we strive for in all our gourmet coffee," said owner Noah Goldstein. "At Kahve Koffee, this energy extends equally to our decaf coffee, enabling us to confidently provide our customers with a decaf option that doesn't sacrifice taste."

The Decaf Danish is a proven example of Kahve's unwillingness to let quality slip away through the decaffeination process. In past taste tests, this blend was indistinguishable from its caffeinated counterpart, holding onto its distinct character.

Kahve uses the Swiss Water® Process to decaffeinate their beans, a method that begins with the green beans soaking in hot water, which absorbs the flavor and caffeine. These beans are then discarded, and the now coffee-flavored water goes through a carbon filter to remove the caffeine. Next, new beans are soaked in this same flavored, filtered water so just the caffeine, not the flavor, is absorbed out of the bean. The Swiss Water® Process produces beans that are 99.9% caffeine-free and 100% chemical-free without compromising any of the coffee's original characteristics.

Kahve Koffee prides itself on being obsessive over quality, from bean selection to roasting and hand finishing. They do not spare the Decaf Danish, or any of their decaf coffees, from their meticulous and demanding quality control.

"It's amazing how many compliments are passed along on our decaf blends, especially the Danish," said Goldstein. "Customers in the restaurants that serve Kahve have loved it and even ask to take some home. This is a perfect cup of coffee for after dinner. While it carries all the richness you would expect from a gourmet coffee, it won't keep you up for the rest of the night."

About Kahve Koffee:

For the past 27 years, Kahve Koffee has been committed to the highest standards of perfection to ensure that discerning coffee lovers around the world have gourmet coffee blends worthy of their palates. Used by Boston's premier cafes, Zagat-rated restaurants and celebrity chefs, Kahve's signature coffee blends, espresso and single origin roasts use only premium coffee beans sourced from around the world. To find out why just one sip of Kahve will raise your standards, visit There, you can browse their wide variety of coffees and teas and learn why Kahve's gained their reputation for excellence.