Democracy Advocates Rally to Get Out the Safe Vote in New York

Common Cause/NY, Make the Road NY, the New York Immigration Coalition, the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law, National Action Network, and The Workers Circle promote election protection hotline: 1-

NEW YORK, NY (10/27/2022) (readMedia)-- Two days before early voting begins in New York, Common Cause/NY stood with Make the Road New York, the New York Immigration Coalition, the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law, National Action Network, and theWorkers Circle to debunk anti-voter efforts to undermine New York elections. According to a recent New York Times/Siena Poll over 70 percent of registered voters nationally think our democracy is under attack. Here in New York, there have been localized efforts to spread disinformation about election security.

Early voting for the general election runs from October 29th through November 6th. Election Day is November 8th. Find your early voting poll site In NYC or Outside of NYC.

"Voters can feel confident that elections in New York are highly regulated, safe, and secure. Our pro-voters laws mean you can ignore any manufactured chaos, and cast your ballot proudly. Just like in years prior, our nonpartisan election protection team will be on the ground, online, and on the phone helping voters exercise their rights, report illegal activity, and answer any questions. We also encourage every voter to skip the Election Day crowd and cast their ballot early!" said Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY.

??Perla Silva, Civic Engagement Coordinator at Make the Road New York, said: "While some politicians make up lies about elections and results-and even try to change the rules for political gain-we know better. We are talking to thousands of Latino, immigrant, Black, and working-class voters across the state, and I'm here to say: our communities are voting and their votes will be counted. Whether voting absentee, voting early, or voting on Election Day, New Yorkers' votes will be securely and quickly counted. Together we are standing up in this election to protect our freedoms-to stop those who spread lies and misinformation, and to elect those who share our values.

Wennie Chin, Director of Civic Democracy, New York Immigration Coalition, said: "All eligible NY voters no matter what language they speak or their race or background have a right to be heard at the ballot box. In fact, NYS guarantees language access assistance at polling sites for all limited English language proficiency voters. And for the first time New Yorkers will have a chance to vote on ballot proposals that have the potential to reshape our future to create a more fair and equitable state. The NYIC encourages all eligible New Yorkers to exercise their right to vote as constitutionally guaranteed."

Ann Toback, CEO of The Workers Circle said: "The Workers Circle is proud to be participating in Election Protection efforts organized by Common Cause to ensure every voter can cast their ballot without interference. Our election system is sound. When we all vote we make "government of the people, by the people, and for the people" a reality. We urge all New York voters to tune out those voices attempting to undermine our free and fair elections. Don't let them silence your voice in our democracy! Vote! As a Jewish social justice organization founded by Eastern-European immigrants who fled autocracy and persecution to seek democratic freedom in this nation, we believe that the most important way to strengthen democracy is to practice it."

"It is every eligible voter's right to vote free from intimidation and interference, and the Election Protection coalition stands ready to protect these constitutional rights every step of the way. Whether you send in a mail-in-ballot, drop a ballot off at a secure polling location, or vote in person on November 8th - your vote is your voice and it should be heard. Election Protection Hotline volunteers are on standby to answer any questions or concerns at 866-OUR-VOTE," said Armani Eady, National Coordinator for the nonpartisan Election Protection coalition led by the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

Soffiyah Elijah, Executive Director of Alliance of Families for Justice said: "Alliance of Families for Justice stands in strongsupport of all efforts to protect and expand access to the ballot for New Yorkers. Voter suppression has no place in a democracy. Various efforts to silence and marginalize the political voice and power of poor communities must be challenged ALL the time and we are committed to pushing back every time. Black and Brown communities devastated by mass incarceration constantly face attempts to diminish their voting power and it is imperative that all freedom loving people unite with them to ensure their right and ability to vote."

Common Cause/NY is yet again launching a statewide nonpartisan election protection program with coalition partners across the state including Transportation Alternatives, NYCLU, GenVote and more. Our volunteers will serve as either virtual poll monitors or roving poll monitors to assist voters with urgent questions and make sure they know their rights. Common Cause/NY has hosted eight remote trainings for 100+ volunteers across the state. Volunteers will work statewide, and rovers will focus on areas with contested elections in The Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau and Suffolk County, Dutchess County, Onondaga County. Voters are encouraged to report any misconduct to 886-OUR-VOTE, a national election protection hotline. Volunteers will also monitor social media for disinformation and to assist voters.

The group outlined a simple "know your rights" for every voter including:

  • Do not leave your poll site without casting your ballot, whether that means placing it into a scanner or voting by affidavit ballot (also known as a provisional ballot).
  • Even if you are challenged, it is more than likely that you will still be able to cast a ballot.
  • When in doubt, call 1-866-OURVOTE: a free hotline of legal personnel can talk you through it.
  • Common Cause/NY will also have non-partisan Election Protection monitors all over the state – volunteers who have been trained in our laws – so feel free to ask for help if you see one nearby. They'll be wearing buttons that say Election Protection.
  • And no matter who asks, you never need to show an ID in order to vote. If someone asks for your ID, no matter who it is, simply let them know that you are not required to show ID in New York.
  • Find your poll site In NYC or Outside of NYC here and hours and get out and vote!