EPL/Environmental Advocates' Voters' Guide Documents Feeble 2012 Legislative Session

ALBANY, NY (10/02/2012)(readMedia)-- EPL/Environmental Advocates will announce the 2012 Oil Slick award "winner" – a legislator who has gone above and beyond in his or her hostility toward New York State's environment, during the release of the group's annual environmental Voters' Guide. With fewer than 40 days until Election Day, many voters will be surprised to learn that while they did not vote to pollute our environment, many of their legislators did. The organization will also announce this year's greenest lawmakers.

The Voters' Guide is the only scorecard that documents the environmental voting records of every member of the New York State Legislature. Oil Slicks are awarded to the public figure that has done the most to derail environmental protections in New York State during what was otherwise an unremarkable and unproductive legislative session.


EPL/Environmental Advocates


Release of the annual environmental Voters’ Guide

WHEN: Wednesday October 03, 2012 at 11:00AM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
WHERE: LCA Press Room
Room 130
Legislative Office Building
Albany, New York

EPL/Environmental Advocates was founded in 1969 as one of the first organizations in the nation to advocate for the future of a state’s environment and the health of its citizens. Through lobbying, advocacy, coalition building, citizen education, and policy development, EPL ensures that environmental laws are enforced, new measures are enacted when necessary, and the public is informed of, and participates in, important policy debates.