Statement re: Absence of Fracking Details in Gov's Budget Plan

ALBANY, NY (01/22/2013)(readMedia)-- Today, Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed his budget for the 2013–14 fiscal year. While the Governor has said he expects to reach a decision on whether to permit high-volume hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") in fewer than 40 days, today's proposal did not include any information on or insight into his administration's intentions on fracking. The New York Water Rangers coalition released the following response to the Governor's address:

"Governor Cuomo deserves credit for neither attempting to include regulatory language nor increase resources to proceed with fracking in his budget proposal. The Governor has stated all along that he would let the science alone drive his decision-making process. And what we know so far is that the science available is either missing or woefully inadequate.

The public has significant concerns about fracking due to unanswered questions regarding the environmental and public health impacts. To date, the Departments of Environmental Conservation and Health have failed to meet their responsibilities in undertaking a rigorous review of these concerns or providing adequate opportunity for the public to engage in this process.

While the Governor has stated his intent to make a decision before the end of February, he has the opportunity be a hero, continue to show he is a national leader on environmental issues, and do what is right by the people he represents by preventing any plan from proceeding that does not guarantee the protection of the land, air, water, and health all New Yorkers."


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