Express E-ZPass Lanes to Open June 8 on Mon-Fayette Expressway

'Highway-speed' tolls hasten travel on Turnpike 43 between Route 51 and I-70.

HARRISBURG, PA (06/04/2010)(readMedia)-- Please be advised that the original date of June 7 has been change to June 8 due to technical difficulties at the site.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) today announced that Express E-ZPass lanes will open June 8 on a 17-mile section of the Mon-Fayette Expressway (Turnpike 43) between the I-70 interchange near Speers, Washington County and State Route 51 near Jefferson Hills, Allegheny County.

The express lanes - two southbound and one northbound - will allow E-ZPass customers to cruise through the mainline toll plaza at 55 mph rather than slowing to 5 mph to use E-ZPass. (The E-ZPass toll for a passenger vehicle to travel the 17-mile stretch is $1.29.)

"E-ZPass customers on the Mon-Fayette can now enjoy the convenience and efficiency of Express technology, breezing through the plaza without even slowing down," said Turnpike CEO Joe Brimmeier. "And the change comes just in time to ease toll-plaza delays during the busy summer travel months."

Officials anticipate the express lanes to open by 10 a.m., Tuesday.

The $6.5 million express facility at the M52 Mainline Toll Plaza on Turnpike 43 is the fifth Express E-ZPass site to open on the Pennsylvania Turnpike system, joining these other locations (and the dates opened to traffic):

• Warrendale Toll Plaza, Allegheny County (June 2004);

• Mid-County Toll Plaza, Montgomery County (October, 2005);

• Gateway Toll Plaza, Lawrence County (July 2007); and

• M19 Toll Plaza, Mon-Fayette Expressway, Fayette County (October 2008).

Motorists are urged to heed new signs posted at the approach to the M52 Toll Plaza. The Express E-ZPass lanes are physically separated from traditional E-ZPass and Ticket/Cash lanes via concrete barrier. E-ZPass customers will use the left lanes and cash-paying customers will continue to exit to the right. If a cash customer accidently enters an express lane, do not stop or slow down. The vehicle will be identified by license-plate camera and billed by mail.

Turnpike users can enroll in E-ZPass at, by calling toll-free 1-877-736-6727, by visiting any American Automobile Association (AAA) office in the region, by obtaining E-ZPass "GoPaks" at participating Giant Eagle and GetGo stores, or at vending machines located at various PA Turnpike Travel Plazas. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's Western Regional Office in New Stanton, PA also offers instant sign-ups (Mon. - Fri.) 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.