Gifts For Guns

2019 Gifts For Guns Program Giving Walmart Gift Cards

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ALBANY, NY (12/01/2019) (readMedia)-- Gifts for guns program will Kick off the 2019 campagn with gift cards from Walmart stores.

Every illegal handgun turned in will recieve gift cards from Walmart stores.

For the month of December illegal handhuns can be turned into the Victory Christian Church 118 Quail St. This year Walmart Gift cards will be given out for every handgun. Every year this program has brought in over 100 illegal handguns during the gifts for guns program.

When: Month of December Collection dates every Saturday Dec. 7th. 14th. 21st. Guns can also be turned in by calling 510-857-0726.

Where: Victory Church 118 Quail St. Albany.

Who: ENOUGH anti gun violence program.

This year Walmart was chosen in response of the 22 victims of the El Paso Walmart mass shootings. Every illegal hand gun turned in recieves a gift card to local Walmarts every AK-47-style assault rifle turned in extra Walmart gift cards will be given.