Greyhound Grads Capture the Moment in Colorado

Eastern New Mexico University alumni Geovanny "Geo" Lujan and Jennifer Sedillo are making their mark behind the cameras in Denver, Colorado.

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PORTALES, NM (07/17/2017) Eastern New Mexico University alumni Geovanny "Geo" Lujan and Jennifer Sedillo are making their mark behind the cameras in Denver, Colorado.

Lujan is a freelance camera operator and his fiancée, Sedillo, works at two local news stations as an operation technician.

Lujan broadcasts live college and high school sports, including football, soccer, basketball and volleyball. He also broadcasts games for the United Soccer League's Colorado Springs Switchbacks team.

He works with a company called Ingrum Sports Production Network to cover sports in the Denver Metro, in Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Greeley.

Lujan, who received a bachelor's degree in communication with an emphasis in broadcast production with a minor in graphic design from ENMU in 2015, said Eastern gave him "hands-on experience" to prepare for life after college.

"When I finished college, I felt ready and prepared to work in the field that I wanted because I have been doing it for years. I believe that is the big advantage of going to ENMU."

During his time at Eastern, Lujan worked at the PBS station in the Communication Building. He ran the camera and shot high school games for the "SportsLook" program.

"I loved my time at ENMU. I believe that I would not be where I am today if I went to another school," said Lujan.

"The thing that made a difference for me was the fact that ENMU was a small school. I had a lot more opportunities to grow and learn."

Lujan, from Albuquerque, is a first-generation college graduate. His parents moved to California from Mexico in the 1980s.

"I grew up with my parents telling me that hard work pays off if you try hard enough and, if it doesn't pay off, you try harder next time," said Lujan, the oldest of three brothers.

"My role models are my parents. I want to be successful because they sacrificed so much for my brothers and me. I want to make sure they see their sacrifices pay off."

The Summa Cum Laude graduate moved to Denver with his fiancée, Sedillo, almost two years ago and "loves it."

Sedillo, who graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor's degree in communication and a minor in graphic design in spring 2015, works as an operation technician for two local news stations in Denver: Good Day/Fox31 and Daybreak/Channel 2.

She started with floor directing, where she communicated with the anchors/hosts to inform them where to go, what was coming up and if a story was changing.

Sedillo is also responsible for running the teleprompter, operating the robotic cameras and running audio.

She explains her most recent position, a technical operating center operator, as "a glorified router.

"When we send out our field photogs and reporters, I am the one that tunes them in through satellite or portable transmitters. I make sure there is a clear, solid signal, route them into our control booths and then monitor them."

Sedillo chose to attend ENMU because it was a "smaller university with smaller class sizes where I felt I would get a more personal education."