ICC Welcomes Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Students for Fall 2016

ICC welcomes students into the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program for Fall 2016!

Students in ICC's Occupational Therapy Assistant Program complete 66 hours of classroom coursework and clinical experience to earn an Associate in Applied Science degree and seek certification as an occupational therapy assistant. The occupational therapy assistant works under the direction of an occupational therapist. Occupational therapy provides rehabilitation for people with mental, physical, emotional, or developmental impairments and helps people improve the quality of their lives by overcoming or compensating for limitations they may have.

To learn more about the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program at ICC, visit the Health Careers webpage or call the Health Careers Dept. at (309) 999-4600.

Welcome to ICC! We're glad you're here!

To view these students click here: http://icc.meritpages.com/achievements/ICC-Welcomes-Occupational-Therapy-Assistant-Program-Students-for-Fall-2016-/64223