It's Election Day! Common Cause Reminds NYers of their Rights As Voters Head to Polls

NEW YORK, NY (04/02/2024) (readMedia)-- Today is Election Day in New York State! Voters will have the opportunity to cast their ballot for the Presidential Primary. New York state's primaries are closed, meaning that only individuals registered with a political party can vote in that party's primary election. Find your poll site In NYC or Outside of NYC here.

"Voters can be confident that New York's elections are safe, secure and protected. As always, nonpartisan election personnel are available to assist with any questions, and voters are encouraged to call the free hotline at 1-866-OURVOTE with any issues they experience throughout the day," said Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause New York. "We encourage New Yorkers to be patient while every eligible vote is counted. Now it's time to make your voice heard and get out the vote!"

Before heading to vote, Common Cause/NY encourages all voters to familiarize themselves with their rights, and to report any misconduct to 886-OUR-VOTE, a national election protection hotline. Here's what to know:

  • Trusted election officials are counting and verifying every ballot to ensure that every vote is counted. Our election system is safe and secure and follows the law.
  • Polling sites are open 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM on Election Day. Do not leave your poll site without casting your ballot, whether that means placing it into a scanner or voting by affidavit ballot (also known as a provisional ballot)!
  • When in doubt, call 1-866-OURVOTE: a free hotline of legal personnel can talk you through it. Spanish, Arabic and Asian languages support are also available via the Election Protection website.
  • Thanks to recent legislation passed by the Legislature and signed by Governor Hochul, New Yorkers have the opportunity to vote by mail. The deadline to postmark these ballots is today, April 2. Voters can track their ballot once they have requested one here.
  • You have the right to vote free of harassment. No matter who asks, you never need to show an ID in order to vote if you've voted in New York before. If someone asks for your ID, no matter who it is, simply let them know that you are not required to show ID in New York, except in limited circumstances for first time voters.
  • Due to a change in election law, New Yorkers can no longer cast a ballot on a voting machine if they have been sent an absentee or vote by mail ballot and then decide to vote in-person. Voters will be directed to vote via affidavit ballot instead.
  • Once polls close, voters can expect to know the final results in the next few days.
    • Election night results will include all ballots cast on Election Day and during early voting, as well as valid absentee and vote by mail ballots that have been received throughout early voting.
    • However, election night results are not complete. The deadline for receipt of absentee and vote by mail ballots postmarked no later than April 2 is Tuesday, April 9th and these ballots will continue to be counted as they are received.