Kansas Wesleyan Presents the Best of KWU

An evening of presentations by Kansas Wesleyan student-scholars vying for the honor of "The Best of KWU" will begin at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 23, in Fitzpatrick Auditorium. The Best of KWU is an annual event in which Kansas Wesleyan honors the very best work done by undergraduates during the past calendar year. The public is invited to attend. Admission is free. First place prize in $250, second place is $100 and the third place finisher will be awarded $50.

Best of KWU participants:

Miranda Green: "Fifth Grade Teaching Portfolio"

Alissa Kim and Lindsey Rojas: "Parental Gender Differences on Attitudes Toward Corporal Punishment"

Zachary Kyle: "The Opinions of Police vs. the Public: A Higher Education for Law"

Cole Loewer: "FoRREST: A Framework of Robust Reverse Engineering Software Tools"

Darren Woodson: "Visualization and Optimization of Ultrafast Intense Laser-Matter Interaction Using Classical Mechanics"

Garrett Young: "Elite Athletics Running Store: Marketing Plan"

Autumn Zimmerman: "Fire Fever"

To view these students click here: http://kwu.meritpages.com/achievements/Kansas-Wesleyan-Presents-the-Best-of-KWU/68926