BOSTON, MA (06/28/2019) (readMedia)-- Fourth of July is almost here, which means a spike in hot dog consumption and red, white, and blue as far as the eye can see. It also means an influx of tourists are heading our way, creating slow-moving traffic as people head to the Hatch Shell to catch the annual fireworks show Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular..

Thought your readers/viewers would be interested in some safety tips from Lime

for Fourth of July riding. If you're (smartly) leaving your car at home to ride a bike or scooter past the gridlock, safety is a must. Here are five tips from Lime for safely getting around [Brookline] during the Fourth of July festivities.

Don't drink and scoot/drive/ride

No matter what form of transportation you're using for your July 4th festivities-car, bike, scooter, etc.-leave the driving to someone else if you've been drinking.

Helmets are your friend

You wouldn't hop on your bike without a helmet, would you? Scooters are no different-protect your head and wear a helmet.

Sharing isn't caring

Electric scooters are designed for one rider at a time. If your pal needs a ride, get them their own scooter for optimal fun and safety.

Make eye contact with others using the road

Making eye contact with drivers not only makes them notice you instead of seeing through you, but it may also remind them of your shared humanity.

We're all in this together

Be respectful of those around you. Scooters belong in the bike lane, so use them whenever possible and don't block walkways when parking your scooter.


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