Local Students Participate in Summer Scholars Program

Instead of relaxing by the pool, 87 students from across campus are spending 10 weeks (May - August) in rigorous independent research as Summer Scholars.

Program director Jean Smolen, Ph.D., associate dean of mathematics, natural sciences and computer science, says that the program, now in its 12th official year, gives students the opportunity to work individually with faculty mentors on research projects that deepen their understanding of an aspect of their major course of study, or occasionally, a discipline that is new to them.

The program offers a competitive $3,200 stipend and scholars have the opportunity to live on campus with subsidized housing. This year, the program Involves 52 faculty mentors representing 22 disciplines. At the conclusion of their work, scholars are encouraged to showcase their projects throughout the upcoming academic year.

To view these students click here: http://sju.meritpages.com/achievements/Local-Students-Participate-in-Summer-Scholars-Program/76250